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Parveen Kaushik Creative Website, Graphic, UI Designer

Client Says

  • “Parveen stunned me with his eye catching and imaginary design. His attention to detail and consistency across our web site and logo was awesome. Parveen was adaptable and communicative a pleasure to work with. Hopefully I will be working with Parveen again very soon.”

    Vimal Bhardwaj
  • “The entire procedure of design was very fast and professionally implemented. Parveen has always been quick to our requests for changes. Highly recommended.”

    Rahul Jain
  • “It was a pleasure to work with Parveen. Thank you so much for the extra effort the team put on the project. The reporting and documentation has been great. We are very happy with the result.
    Thanks for the hard work. We greatly appreciate

    Aman Saluja
Parveen Kaushik available for freelance graphic and web design work

About Me All You Need To Know

Hello there, My name is Parveen Kaushik and I'm an experienced web and interface designer with a penchant for creating great user experiences. I invite you to browse through my website and check out the latest and greatest projects that I have had the opportunity to work on. If you’re interested in seeing my previous works. You could also contact me using the contact page.


I have been working as a professional web & Graphic Designer at the ACRO Technologies India PVT. LTD. for the last Five Months and as a freelancer before that. During this time, I have worked on many projects for clients such as IGPS, Buisness Shaper and others.


I’m 21 years old and I live in Delhi, the capital of India. As my skills broadened with HTML, CSS and Flash, I began freelancing as a web designer. In my spare time I enjoy Games, fine food, reading stuff online and offline. I love making logos,identites and Website, I'm also quite good at making Joomla themes.

I’m only about Second year from graduating and I plan to continue working on web projects after I’ve got my degree, because I find the opportunities and idea of the web fascinating. In my spare time I enjoy movies, fine food, reading stuff online and offline.


Core Skillsets

Parveen Kaushik some useful Skillsets

My Process

Planning 01

I never venture out for any project without a full-proof planning. I begin by creating a careful information architecture based on in depth research and analysis. Then I make a basic wireframe of the art I am working on, which satiates by creative urge and ensures that my art suits the actual requirement. This phase sets the tone for the rest of the project.

Design 02

With the basic wireframe in place, I move on to the design process. I use the wireframe and the information architecture created in the planning phase to craft a visually appealing design. Great design and its usability are the cornerstone of this process.

Build 03

In the next phase, I pounce upon the challenge of shaping this design into a fully functional website. I have an expertise in crafting standard-based development, so rest assured that your sitewill be future proof and accessible. I can also develop a customized Content Management System for your website which will enable you to update its content when required.

Manage 04

Your site has been launched! But the work doesn’t end here. The website needs to be maintained properly and regularly. You can again count on me for website maintenance and search engine optimization services to boost the traffic on your new site. I also provide Internet Marketing services to land you more clients. I can also help you know how users are interacting with your site and whether the users are getting the best possible user experience.

My Work The Proff Is In The

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